To subdue the enemy without fighting is the supreme excellence. - Sun Tzu

Tuesday, August 31, 2004

An Intervention for Our Sanity

Duh, of course there's sporadic guerilla fighting in Iraq. Did we expect the Iraqis to just say, "Oh, come into our country like you own the place. Thanks for taking care of Saddam for us- here, have our daughters"??

Actually, I honestly believe that was the thought process of our 'president' and his 'advisors'. That is idiotic. Remember the last time we tried this sort of thing, in the Phillipines? We were there for decades, thousands dead, an unspeakable human tragedy. This is the single most incompotent leadership our country has ever had, and that list includes Grant, Hoover, and Carter (nice guy, bad president). And now roughly half of us want to give him another four years to screw things up?? Let's break things down:

Serious Threat to Americans 1: Bin Ladin.
Promise: Bush would catch him, bring him to justice.
Today: Bin who?

Serious Threat to Americans 2: The Economy and its In-Shambles-ness.
Promise: We'd all be living in paradise within the week.
Today: Gee, we're employed, but lookie that poverty level. It hasn't been that high in almost 75 years!

Outright Lie by Bush 1: Afghanistan is fine
Reality: The only place in the country that the 'official' Afghan government has control is in Kabul. The rest of the country is producing Opium

Outright Lie by Bush 2: Saddam Hussein is a threat.
Reality: Not only was he not a threat, but we went about invading in the most boneheaded way imaginable. The last military adventure to be so badly botched was Tuetobergenwald.

"The only thing that could've been more botched would be if America had landed on the moon using a rocket that only flew one way - with a crew of 130,000 astronauts who then killed 10,000 innocent moon men. We botched this motherfucker like botching was going out of syle. This thing was so fuckin' botched, I'm surprised the name of the war wasn't misspelled" (Rees, Get Your War On 7/04)

Bush is the most inept military commander in world history to be entrusted with this much power, and Rumsfeld is almost as bad. The second guy should have resigned. The first guy should be impeached for this level of botchitude. I mean, whatever you think of Kerry as a person, AT LEAST HE WON'T SEND US INTO TWO UNWINNABLE, OPEN-ENDED CONFLICTS DURING A RECESSION.

This is not raving! THIS IS COMMON SENSE!!!