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Thursday, October 07, 2004

The Progressive Alliance

Go to Net Politik and read "Notes on Organization and governance on the Internet" before reading this, or it won't make any sense.

Nationstates is like that. Each country, which is analagous to a website, is in a 'region', and the regions have their own message systems and such, and they're close little units. But each region elects a UN Representative. Everyone is in the 'world', and there are search boxes and indexes to find any region or country.

I don't know off the top of my head how linkage would best be specifically structured. Perhaps each 'blog squad' would have a name (like the "La Follette Cluster") and an 'overblog'. This information could be displayed in a panel that is identical for each blog in the alliance (except for content). Each blog's panel would state the name of the alliance, the name of the cluster, the name of the overblog, a list of all the other blogs in the cluster, and links to the other clusters' overblogs and the masterblog. The masterblog would have a complete index of all the information: Clusters and their overblogs, and all the blogs in the alliance.

Administration. Each cluster is responsible for its own members, and when one cluster gets too large, it splits off a new cluster and informs the masterblog and the other overblogs.

Overblogs would be elected by a simple vote in the cluster. The overblog would be responsible for approving new blogs in the cluster, and cutting any miscreants. If an overblog oversteps their authority, another vote by the cluster could replace them with someone else.

Similarly, the Masterblog, if they somehow are found lacking, could be ousted by a vote, in this case by all the blogs. A direct vote (as opposed to an electoral or parliamentary system where the Overblogs elect the Masterblog) is best on the internet where the candidate doesn't have to go anywhere to campaign.

Any grievances could be appealed to an assembly of the overblogs and masterblog if it must come to that.

Any changes that anyone wants to make to any aspect of anything under the alliance's control could be proposed by an Overblog to the general assembly of Overblogs and the Masterblog. Usually, decisions could be made by a simple majority, with the Masterblog granted a special vote like a veto. There's no real purpose for the veto except to add some drama.

I'd be willing to link up a storm, as soon as I sit down and take a look at blogspot's html structure and whatnot. I know just enough about the language to get myself confused.


Blogger kbonline said...

I'll have to read this with more attention, but on first pass it made me thing of an aggressive states' rights/electoral college approach. I'm probably off, but it made me smile. I'll read it again when my mind is fresher.


10:38 PM, October 10, 2004

Blogger Nick said...

You Ran, send me an e-mail so I can send you the code

1:31 PM, October 11, 2004

Blogger Theresa Z said...

I had a NationState at one time, but 'time' to manage it escaped me, however, I did enjoying reading Jennifer Government by Max Barry the creator of the site and enjoyed it immensly.

9:03 PM, October 11, 2004


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