To subdue the enemy without fighting is the supreme excellence. - Sun Tzu

Saturday, November 06, 2004

'The Consent of the Governed'

If, as history shows is likely, this government oversteps its bounds in some way that demands a response, we must have the framework and networks of people-on-the-ground in place to respond. Violence is not an option, because then our credibility would be completely gone. So, it will be the next best thing: A General Strike. Disable the country's industry, transportation, and bureaucracy with the same sort of protesting we, the left, is already good at. Choke Moloch with our bare hands.

I hope it does not get to that point, because of the dire economic impact, but we may end up with no other option. But if it does, on that day that we say 'that's too far', then we will have to be prepared.

Take note of which local businesses and neighbors displayed 'Kerry '04' signs, and cars with Democrat bumper stickers. People don't have those things because they look good- they're the ones who will join you. Form a local cell, and keep a list of 'just in case' phone numbers.

The key when talking to potential support is DON'T SCARE THEM. We are NOT plotting the violent overthrow of this government. Think Poland 1980's. In fact, the goal would not even necessarily include 'overthrow of government' at all; just a reversal of the incident.

Don't tell anyone else about your list, don't put in on the internet, don't leave it out in the open. Just keep it loaded.


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