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Wednesday, November 03, 2004

Contingency Plan

Okay, so we lost, mostly due to fraud. Why do exit polls show a Kerry win? But with an all-Republican government, that won't get investigated. So here's what we can do to survive the next four years:

-Move away from major cities. Bush's imperialist policies will galvinize support for terrorist organizations, and so they'll have the resources to carry out larger attacks.

-Stand in front of bulldozers. Corporations will have a free pass to lay waste to the environment for profit, so do all you can to oppose them. Sue. Picket. I won't support sabotage, but I will say, don't get caught doing anything illegal.
Just hold out for four more years.

-Pay only 2/3 of your taxes, in protest. If this government will continue to engage in not only stupid but also inconsistent policies (why is it okay to kill alive people but not okay to kill people who aren't alive yet?), then it does not represent us. Go to jail as a hero.

-Hunker down for '08. One of two things will happen in the next four years: Either the inevitable attacks will show the American people that Bush's belligerence is counter-productive (odds: Snowball's chance), or the attacks will be seen by the populace as totally uncalled for and we should invade another country to 'teach them a lesson' (odds: yes. this is what will happen).
So what about 2008? Bush might get himself elected "President for the Duration of the Conflict", in which case we definitely rise up. If the legitimate process continues, he doesn't have an heir. Dick Cheney can't get elected. No one in the cabinet is electable either. So it'll be a no-name Republican vs one of the many potential rising-star Democrats: Obama, Clinton, Edwards, heck, even Feingold, the list goes on and on. The Republicans have no charisma.
So if you're a "glass is half full" sort of person, there you go: At least we'll have someone at least somewhat sane in 2008. Then, according to the Mayan calendar, the disputed election in 2012 results in the end of the world. Whee!


Blogger Ron Brynaert said...

If this election taught me one thing it's that thank God I live in New York City!

Well it taught me two...The Republicans can't win elections unless they lie, cheat and steal.

12:30 AM, November 07, 2004


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