To subdue the enemy without fighting is the supreme excellence. - Sun Tzu

Sunday, November 07, 2004

Iraq: Yes, You Have Seen This Before

Congratulations military occupants of Iraq and PM Allawi: You are idiots.

Declaring military law in Iraq was the WORST thing we could have done to hasten and end to the violence. Violence, over-reaction, city-obliterating offensives- how exactly is this supposed to 'win the hearts and minds' of the Iraqis?

For those of you tuning in: This operation, and the next few weeks, will kill unprecedented thousands of Iraqis, not to mention the dozens- possibly hundreds- of Americans. It will cause millions of dollars of damage. It will ruin peoples' lives. And the relatives of the innocents we kill for the crime of being in the wrong place at the wrong time will pick up their guns and be shooting at Joe from Ohio the next day. That's who the insurgents are, and indiscriminate mortar fire and carpet-bomb retaliation recruits them faster than it kills them.

This taxi driver, I guarantee you, is an insurgent or dead today.


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