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Friday, January 21, 2005

Curbing Hubris

I came across this, I think through Bless's blog, and it gave me an idea:

Let's make a massive internet petition to apologize to the people of Iraq and the Middle East in general for our fascist leaders' invasions and the death and destruction they have caused.

This petition-making website looks like it can host a petition, so we'll need the following:

Petition Statement:
(someone who can write well please do this. Something along the lines of, "The undersigned, citizens of countries involved in the invasions of Iraq and/or Afghanistan, apologize to the people of those countries for the death and destruction caused by these inhuman actions. We will do all in our power to repair your countries, reconcile the irreperable damage, and prevent another unjustified invasion.")

Signer information:
-Name (required)
-E-mail (req.)
-Country (req.)
-Comments (optional)

Petition Background Information:
-Petition Title (the website automatically adds the word 'petition' to the end)
('Apology to the People of Iraq and Afghanistan' Petition)
-Petition Target (such as 'The People of Iraq and Afghanistan')
-Petition Community and Community URL (obviously the PBA and PBA HQ at
-Petition Author: I'd rather not have my name on this, because of paranoia. Nick?
-Eligible Signatories would be "Coalition member-country citizens"
-Category: "Politics and Government - International"
-Geography of Petition Applicability: International
-State of Petition Applicability: International

Petition Author Contact Information
-I'm pretty sure we all already know where Nick lives.
-Share Contact Info with Press: If this goes somewhere, the PBA is sure to be mentioned, and whoever's name is on it might get the Touchdown of Blogging, a major media interview.

Any other points/notes? I'll do a running edit of this post (and the copy of this post at the now-mostly-defunct PBA forums) to reflect the most current agreed-upon changes.


Blogger Bless said...

Nah, not through my blog, lately I have been whinging about other things. But you have a good idea on your hands, I'm up for it.

12:38 AM, January 24, 2005


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