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Sunday, February 20, 2005

For Example

Here is a great example of this administration's vile manipulation and abuse of language: (from
In his weekly radio address Saturday, Bush said he doesn't believe the West is split between an "idealistic United States and a cynical Europe ... America and Europe are the pillars of the free world."

"Leaders on both sides of the Atlantic understand that the hopes for peace in the world depend on the continued unity of free nations," he said. "We do not accept a false caricature that divides the Western world between an idealistic United States and a cynical Europe."
By even so much as mentioning a 'cynical' Europe and 'idealistic' US, he advances the idea that those things may be true. By associating "Europe" with "cynical" and "US" with "idealistic", those false concepts become more true in the public mind.

Notice: No one said that those things may be true, although the he gave the impression that someone did; he responded to a claim that no one made.


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