To subdue the enemy without fighting is the supreme excellence. - Sun Tzu

Friday, April 29, 2005

...followed by an eternity of waiting.

I don't have anything major going on... for as long as I can see.

well, today I told off a plurocratic bourgeoise oppressor. That felt good. This fat, white, old Southerner had the audacity to try to give a presentation on Biblical Creationism (well, they're calling it 'Intelligent Design', but I think we all know what their agenda really is) at my college. I attended, listened to his lies, and pointed out (in the Q&A session) that what he was saying was completely ridiculous. In fact, the entire Q&A session consisted of him getting beat down by myself and, mainly, the professors. It was sweet.

At one point, he tried to imply that there is some sort of grand conspiracy among atheist scientists to keep 'Intelligent Design' down. He said he sent a letter to Nature (the #1 science magazine) on the subject of ID, and they rejected it. That's perfectly normal. However, he then claimed that they sent him a handwritten letter explaining why they had rejected it. He then said that he sent another letter refuting their reasons, they sent another letter with new reasons, he responded, they didn't get back to him.

He lied to our faces. Major publications do not have the time to craft an individual response to everyone who tries to write a letter- The rejection notice is given when the letter does not appear in any issue.

So after he ended the one-sided Q&A smackdown he was recieving (and I hadn't seen anyone in a suit act so childish since I last watched C-SPAN), I went down and pointed out his lie to his face. Then I called him a plutocrat bourgeiouse who intentionally misleads the people in the interest of perpetuating the system of fear, repression, and slavery that profits only a few. In my best de la Rocha revolutionary voice I closed with, "There is nothing after you die, and I will laugh on your grave," and left.

I felt pretty good the rest of the day.

Thursday, April 21, 2005

A second of fighting...

Aahh, today the thousands marched! We waved the banners, held the signs high, and shouted with one voice. On and on we marched, and gave them our terms.

The past few weeks have been packed. We won a local victory a few weeks ago; also, the new city council will be one of the most progressive ever. Then we planned and prepared, and staged events, and acted!

That is what you have to do! Get out on the streets and show them that enough is enough!