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Saturday, July 30, 2005

Why we're still there

Gary Brecher, the War Nerd columnist for the Moscow webzine The Exile, just wrote a frickin' brilliant article about a Fresno, CA, professor who's still in favor of occupying Iraq.

The gist is this: The professor, Victor Hanson, refuses to admit he was wrong supporting the invasion, so he's misrepresenting, and outright lying, about the reality of the situation. While Brecher's article focuses on Hanson, it could easily be applied to anyone who's pro-occupation. Brecher's clincher sentence, which he's said in one form or another in just about every article he's written on Iraq, is

"...what Hanson and morons like him won't admit is that short of genocide, there is no military solution to urban guerrilla warfare."

which, historically, is exactly true. Even when they cite some example of a guerilla army being defeated, it involves the wanton slaughter of a large number of civilians. Since we're (rightly) unwilling to kill millions of innocent Iraqis, Iraq will not have peace while our army occupies it. (although there have been small-scale attempts to wipe out populations, most notably in Fallujah, but none have been large enough to noticably reduce the size of the insurgency)

Even though Brecher and I (and probably just about anyone who reads this) likely disagree on just about every social and economic issue, I respect his logical, unbiased, analytical opinion on military subjects. And being able to agree on some things despite disagreeing on others is the way it's supposed to be.


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