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Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Monarchy, for a Better, Stronger America

Government is not accountable to the people, because the large bureaucracy and incomprehensible legislature allow politicians to be corrupt without us plebians even realizing it.

What we need is a system that leaves no question as to where the accountability lies.

We need a Monarchy.

Now, obviously, it would be an elected position, with sacrosanct elections at regular intervals. If the elections are suspended, the people should revolt. And there is the necessity, if the people are to be in control, of an honest an independent press which focuses on policy and the people's plight rather than acting as a tabloid on the monarch's personal life. However, decentralized internet media may be able to do this.

The main upswing of a monarchy is that there is exactly one place where the buck stops. If someone screws up, the monarch has the responsibility of fixing the problem. If the monarch fails, the people show him the door.

We need a simple solution for complex government. I say, they don't make governments like they used to...


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