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Thursday, February 09, 2006

Jesus Christ!

Jesus was either just some petty anti-Roman rebel leader, or the Zealots took some eloquent loony and trumped him up to get support. Happens all the time in this sort of situation (a proud, independent ethnic group looking for Ex Deus Machina to save them from their conquerers. see also the American-indian Ghost Dance). I mean, walking on water? healing the blind? Sounds more like common propaganda, to the point of cliche. When that 33rd generation hit, the Zealots saw an opportunity.

So, during his life, Jesus probably did no miracles whatsoever, but bitched about Rome (and, more importantly, the local Jewish pro-Roman traitors/sycophants) and got executed for treason. Common Roman policy- they probably whacked dozens of equivalent "troublemakers" a year all across the empire. But he had a following and people remembered him as being a nice guy.

A couple decades later, Zealots slyly claim he did actually do miracles (and people fully believed in divination, direct divine intervention, and real miracles back then), therefore God would be on the side of the rebellion. Rising up and Ite Domus'ing the Romanuses was their only goal, whether they would actually win wasn't in the playbook. Well, God wasn't their co-pilot (proably because he doesn't exist), and I think we all know what happened around AD 70.

So, in summation: Jesus was just some vocal anti-Roman and anti-Corruption guy who was fraudulently deified by nationalist revolutionaries decades after his death.

He may have said some things that were good (as Skeptic's Annotated Bible says, "enough to fill a pamphlet"), but he wasn't divine. Sorry, Christians, you've been getting up early on Sundays for nothing.


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