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Monday, February 13, 2006

So Cheney Shot a Guy

And it somehow took 18 hours for anyone to realize what was going on, in this day of "instant communication". So I read the DailyKos diary WH Press Briefing: Where to begin and WTF? by BarbinMD which analyzed Scott McClellan's comments and whatnot. Go read it and then come back.

This administration and people in it have Fucked Up many, many times. New Orleans, Iraq, Gannon/Guckert. Yet, as I read in some MSM rag in 2004, Bush is the "Teflon President"- nothing sticks to him. This is, as you should know if you've read my (few) other posts, a direct result of corporate media controllers dictating that these stories are handled in ways that will not be damaging to the administration; the "MSM filter" that protects Bush from serious criticism- not all criticism, since that would be too obvious, but from any questions that cannot be easily swatted aside.

All previous Fuckups have either been pre-planned (9/11, Iraq, Enron) or a result of conscious policy (in other words, Their Fault), but controlled so they can easily be spun into being Someone Else's Fault. Yet here we have a Fuckup that is blatant, impossible to hide, and yet actually an accident- But the practiced, reflexive Fascist Propaganda Machine still tried to deal with the situation- After all, this is the Teflon President, and no-one in this administration has ever made a mistake! They wanted to control and spin the situation, even though there was no need to.

It's not the fact that Cheney shot a guy that's a problem. That was probably an honest mistake. The problem is that the White House Spin Machine still tried to control the story. And that hints at how much practice they have.


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