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Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Socialism: 100% of your Daily Vitamins and Minerals

Every student should be given an identical opportunity for education. District-based funding is insane; each school should have a budget of $6,000 (or so) per student, regardless of geography.

Try to make social programs capitalist and we'll be a nation of Winners and Losers: Prosperous communities can fund their school districts well, paying for better teachers, better equipment, and more advanced classes; but poor communities can barely afford to keep the building standing- What do you suppose that does to grades? Rich getting richer and poor getting poorer- And conservatives, libertarians, and laissez-faire economists either don't realize this, don't care, or want to return to feudalism.

They want to privatize social security, health care, and education- things deserved by every person by virtue of their being human. Every is susceptible to economic bad luck. Every is susceptible to disease and injury. And every child deserves equal access to education.

This is not Communism but Socialism, and if you try to make these things Capitalist, anyone who is not rich will fall between the cracks. The stock market might not crash on the eve of your retirement, you might never get cancer, and you might be able to afford to send your children to a private school for $10,000/year- But there is nothing special about you that makes you immune to misfortune or blessed by providence- Just chance. You could be anyone, and just because someone has a larger number in their bank account does not mean they are more deserving of basic human needs.


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