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Monday, August 14, 2006

If you Still Actually Trust the Media for Some Ungodly Reason

Clear Channel's major shareholders and the members of its Board of Directors all have conflicts of interest due to their other holdings and positions. The same is true for every corporate-owned media entity. The net result is undeniable.

Some say we shouldn't listen to, buy from, or otherwise support corporations whose practices we find unpalatable. I don't, and there are many others who follow the same ethic. But most of us only learned about corporate evil through other sources; the overwhelming majority of people get their information only after it has been filtered through the corporate lens, without realizing it is corrupt. Trying to educate them is practically a lost cause, although many try. No, the common man cannot be enlightened without something akin to divine intervention.

But if the corporations are not stopped, then the inhumanity we see in the third world, the destruction of the environment, and (soon) the effective enslavement of our own people will only continue and worsen, until the world is something from a nightmare- and executive bank accounts are very, very large.

Capitalism only works when all players have access to all the information. The system breaks when the way that information is relayed is itself controlled by individual players!


Blogger JW said...

nice bit about capitalism only working when all players have the info.

11:19 PM, August 14, 2006


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